Crypto ATM… independent cryptocurrency cantor


An online crypto-cantor without registration is a popular form of service, which enables the user easily and conveniently obtain cryptocurrencies while remaining anonymous. Unfortunately, the amount of cantors which do not require setting up an account is decreasing, which is why it’s important to familiarize yourself with the few that allow you to remain anonymous.

Buying cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies can be obtained in a number of ways. For some time, mining e-coins was very profitable. The process of mining requires solving cryptographic puzzles in order to create more cryptocurrency units. Most of the popular virtual coins are created that way, and in exchange for sharing their computing power, “miners” are rewarded with a certain amount of the mined e-coins. However, mining doesn’t mean getting cryptocurrency for free, as it requires owning a specialised PC, called a cryptocurrency miner. Currently, due to the energy prices in Europe and the USA, mining e-coins on your own is not profitable. That is why currently most miners operate in third world countries, mainly in Southern Asia, where it is still possible to profit off of mining.

Another place you can get virtual coins are crypto exchanges, similar to forex or stock market. On the cryptocurrency exchange you can buy cryptocurrency with fiat money or another cryptocurrency. But recently many people resign from buying through the exchange due to the risk of having the amassed crypto stolen by hackers or even the exchange administrators. Another downside is the requirement of verifying your identity with the use of an ID. It is required by law. Exchanges localized in European Union or the United States of America are required to verify the identity of their users. Which is why a person looking for an exchange to trade cryptocurrencies without registration is forced to use the generally less trusted exchanges located in third world countries.

A trustworthy place that allows you to buy cryptocurrencies without registration is a crypto-cantor. E-coin cantors are both stationary and online services. Stationary cantors are usually located in big cities, connected with regular currency cantors.There you can use money to buy cryptocurrencies, which will be then transferred to the provided wallet address. It’s not hard to realise that online crypto-cantors are a  much more convenient alternative, as the whole operation takes place online, without the need to leave the house.

Crypto-cantor – how does it work and what are the differences?

Using the crypto-cantor is the fastest way to obtain cryptocurrency. On the main page of the cantor you should be able to find currency pairs, along with their current price rate. For example, a BTC/EUR pair means you can exchange Bitcoins for Euros. Next to a pair you should see the price rate, so in this case how much Euro you will get for one Bitcoin. In a cryptocurrency cantor you can mostly encounter fiat to crypto (like USD/TRX) or crypto to crypto (like ETH/TRX) pairs, but crypto to fiat pairs also happen (like BTC/EUR).

While using a crypto-cantor it’s important to see if setting up an account is required. Crypto-cantors registered in the EU usually do not allow for trading cryptocurrencies without registration and, much like crypto exchanges, they require sending a scan of an ID document, like an ID card or a driving licence. It can take the user up to a few days to complete the verification process, which is why if someone wants to use the crypto quickly and anonymously, it’s worth finding a good crypto-cantor without registration. In a crypto-cantor like that all you need to do is select a set amount of cryptocurrency. A good crypto-cantor will have a well-constructed page, which is clear enough for the user to immediately understand where to type in the amount they want to exchange. A good example of that is the Crypto-ATM crypto-cantor, where the places for exchange and current price rates are clearly visible on the home page.

To confirm the transaction you need to type in the address of your crypto wallet or a bank account and pay the specified amount in fiat currency. Most cantors offer fast transactions or the option to pay with a payment card. The cryptocurrency should be delivered to the wallet after the purchase is confirmed, which can take from a few minutes up to a few days depending on the cantor and cryptocurrency.

Crypto-ATM… comfort and independence

The Crypto-ATM crypto-cantor is one of the most trustworthy cryptocurrency cantors with no registration available online. Crypto-ATM has a wide variety of both fiat and crypto currencies, giving users the option to exchange three traditional currencies (EUR, USD, PLN) for as many as 8 various e-coins, including rare altcoins like Lisk or Tron.

Using Crypto-ATM is a way to ensure relative anonymity. It’s one of the last places you can buy cryptocurrency online without the need to set up an account and verify your identity, as Crypto-ATM doesn’t require registration and allows for immediate money transfer in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Should you use it?

Crypto-ATM may be one of the last places where you can use and invest in cryptocurrencies without the need to verify your identity. Not only does it save time, but also saves the user from unnecessary paperwork. Additionally, crypto-cantor Crypto-ATM has a very extensive range of interesting and futuristic altcoins, as well as the most popular cryptocurrencies. It also has a low service fee in comparison to other crypto-cantors with registration.

Due to the disadvantageous regulations it’s getting increasingly difficult to find a good crypto-cantor without registration. Services like Crypto-ATM are becoming hard to come by, which is why it’s worth using them if you care about using cryptocurrencies safely and anonymously.